4 Types Of Inground Pools

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An inground pool would be a significant investment and add another entertainment value for your family. Numerous types of inground pools are available, with a variety of liners. You’ll need to consider the amount of space you have available for the pool and your budget. Professional contractors who install pools are a great resource and can help you decide which type of pool is best. Call a licensed contractor for a site visit and an estimate.

1. Concrete Pools

A concrete pool is the most expensive pool to install on your property. That doesn’t make it a poor choice, but there are items to consider before making that decision. The contractor must bring heavy equipment to dig a big hole to install a concrete pool. This project is labor-intensive and can take significant time from start to finish. Installing an inground concrete pool is a disruptive process.

Your contractor won’t pour concrete in the winter or in heavy rain. Concrete takes time to cure, and the installer must seal the surface. You’ll have a cracked pool if the surrounding area is susceptible to ground movement. There are better choices for a property that has unsettled soils. You need to consult with a licensed, insured pool contractor to ensure putting in a pool will be successful.

2. Dunk Or Splash Pools

Dunk or splash pools are gaining momentum as more homeowners opt for smaller, more manageable pools. You must have a lot of room on your property to install a conventional inground pool. Splash pools come in numerous styles but are typically square or rectangular. They are perfect for cooling off, aqua exercises, and at-home low-impact physical therapy programs.

Dunk pools are less expensive, perfect for a small yard, and require less maintenance due to their size. They’re engineered out of steel and are very durable. The disruption during installation will be significantly less than in an inground concrete pool. You can integrate lighting and temperature controls with your iPhone app too. You might decide a splash pool suits your needs better than a traditional pool.

3. Inground Fiberglass Pool Liners

An inground pool with a fiberglass liner, or shell, is a popular alternative to a traditional concrete pool. The installation time and disruption of your outdoor activities are more manageable. The contractor lowers the body into the excavated hole vs. installing rebar, pouring concrete, and adding the sealant. When you properly maintain a fiberglass pool, it will last around 15 years. Fiberglass can fade and crack over time. You can have it repaired, but it might not match the original color perfectly.

4. Vinyl-lined Pools

Homeowners with a smaller budget should consider a vinyl-lined pool addition for summertime backyard activities. You can incorporate this type of pool into a smaller property. You’ll also have added flexibility with shape and size. The installer will set this style pool liner on a sand base with plastic or metal support panels. A vinyl-lined pool, with proper maintenance, will last about 18 years or more. The drawback is they can be easily punctured, creating an expensive repair.

Having a pool installed on your property is a big decision. You need to consider numerous factors before choosing the type of pool for your outdoor entertainment. Call BMA Landscaping Services for an on-site consultation and estimate.

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