5 Types Of Pool Decks

5 Types Of Pool Decks

Are you resurfacing or replacing your existing concrete pool deck? Or are you getting a new pool to elevate your backyard entertainment activities? Either way, you’ll need to consider the variety of deck materials available to make the best choice. There are many options and finishes to personalize the deck to your style and needs. Different pool deck materials, like different types of pools, come with a wide range of price tags. Read on for an overview of exciting options.

1 Wood Decking Or Trex Composite

Wood decking is an excellent material for a pool deck. It’s not as expensive as some other contenders, and you can replace boards easily if needed. You’ll want to use screws instead of nails to secure the boards. Screws stay more secure and are easy to remove if a repair is necessary. You’ll need to seal the wood frequently to keep the material from splintering and keep it attractive. To avoid insect and water damage, use exterior-grade wood such as teak, cedar, or redwood.

Trex composite material has a wood look but doesn’t have the look of richness that natural wood exudes. Trex does last longer than organic wood but is more costly. In addition, you can’t paint Trex decking if you want to change the color.

2 Concrete Pool Decks

Concrete pool decks are incredibly durable, often lasting decades, and you can customize them in various ways. You might choose to have an accent edge color to compliment the exterior color scheme of your home. Depending on the design, the contractor can pour smooth concrete to create an elegant feel. The contractor can add stamped, stained, textured, or artistic accents for added aesthetics to your deck. You can also add a non-slip additive to the sealer, and you must maintain it for the best performance.

3 Pavers For Your Deck

Pavers are also an excellent choice for a pool deck. They come in various styles to suit everyone’s preferences and complement your landscaping style. Laying pavers is labor intensive, making it one of the more costly choices. Work is less expensive than installing natural stone because pavers are all the same size. Choosing a light-colored paver is best to keep the deck cooler, as they already get hotter than concrete.

4 Unglazed Travertine Tile Decking

Unglazed travertine tile pool decks have gained popularity over the years for their aesthetically pleasing contribution to landscapes. The surface stays cooler to the touch than some other options. It isn’t as slippery as glazed tiles making accidents less likely. You’ll find numerous styles, colors, and sizes, whether you want them to blend or stand out. As with most, schedule regular maintenance to ensure its longevity and beauty.

5 Decking Out Of Natural Stone

Natural stone is an aesthetically pleasing option for your new pool deck. Many color choices are available. Some preferences are evenly colored, while others have swirls of color in each piece. If you get excited about a wild color choice, remember you can add accent colors with pillows instead. Being a natural non-symmetrical product, they are more labor-intensive, translating to more money out of your pocket.

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