6 Types Of Swimming Pools 

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A swimming pool increases the value of your home and provides recreational activities for your family and friends. There are numerous types, shapes, and sizes to consider, including the budget to build and maintain a pool. The construction processes vary greatly, as does the timeframe to build or erect a residential swimming pool. You should consider all the aspects of each type of swimming pool before choosing the right one for your property.

Whether you’re building a specialty pool, an in-ground, or an above-ground pool, check the county building regulations. If applicable, check with your homeowners’ association bylaws. You may need to erect a fence and/or deck around the pool’s perimeter for safety. Do your homework, and ensure you have all your questions answered. Before you proceed, consult with a licensed pool contractor so you are confident with the short, and long-term investments.

1. Swim Spas

A swim spa is a cross between a hydro massage and a heated spa, and a pool. It’s a complete system for low-impact exercise, swimming, and relaxing with some friends during an afternoon barbecue. Swim spas allow you to run, jog, train, do PT (physical therapy), and swim laps.

2.  Above-Ground Pools

Above-ground pools come in several shapes and sizes. A popular dimension for an oval pool is 15 feet by 30 feet. Round pools may be anywhere between 8 and 33 feet. You can also find blow-up pools in some creative shapes. They must be blown up and adequate for several adults to sit in and relax.

3. Types Of Inground Pools

The construction of any in-ground pool will require excavation and disruption of your backyard activities. First, the contractor digs a hole of nearly any shape or size with heavy equipment. Next, the contractor will line the bottom and sides with steel rebar for a concrete pool. They’ll pour concrete over the base, on the sides, steps, and any other features and leave it to cure.

Concrete is porous and durable, allowing the plaster-coated shell to remain watertight and stable. Plaster consists of cement and marble dust. Marble comes in many different colors if you prefer a color instead of white. You may want to use white for resale value and add color using furniture and cushions. This type of construction lasts a long time with proper maintenance. You can also replaster your pool when the time comes at a fraction of the price of a new pool.

In-ground liner and fiberglass pools are other popular choices for homeowners. The construction process is shorter because companies manufacturing fiberglass pools do so off-site. You don’t have as much artistic license with the shape as you will with a concrete pool. The installation is the fastest for in-ground pools, and fiberglass requires the lowest maintenance.

A crane places an in-ground pool’s vinyl liner on a sand bed. Vinyl pool liners are the least expensive construction for an in-ground pool. They also have flexibility regarding shapes and sizes. They do deteriorate over time more rapidly than fiberglass and concrete pools.

4. Lap Pools

Lap pools, as the name implies, are primarily for training or daily exercise for serious swimmers. That’s not to say your friends won’t enjoy a dip on a hot afternoon. An in-ground lap pool requires the same construction, but the shape resembles a single lap lane in a community pool.

5. Infinity Pools

The edge of an infinity pool’s positioning gives the illusion of merging with the nearby ocean or surrounding area. They are in-ground pools often seen at luxury ocean resorts making it appear the ocean and pool waters join together.

6. Hot Tubs and Spas

Hot tubs and spas are both in-ground and above-ground. An in-ground hot tub is usually attached to the pool. You must install an above-ground hot tub over a stable surface such as a concrete slab or solid patio.

Choosing a licensed, professional pool contractor is an excellent idea regardless of which type of pool you choose. You need to gather all the pertinent information before deciding on a style. Call BMA Landscaping Services now, so you can start planning your summer pool parties!

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