Concrete Vs. Pavers

Concrete Vs. Pavers

There are several considerations when choosing between concrete vs. pavers for a hardscape in your landscape. You’ll find the pros and cons of both products. A homeowner must carefully weigh the options before deciding on this big-ticket item. Paver choices are extensive and come in many shapes, sizes, colors, and price points. Concrete has advanced over the years. The surface can be traditional or stamped to resemble many other products with color variations.

Consider The Surface Use

Are you adding new meandering walkways to your property for attractive access to outdoor entertainment areas? Are you adding a pad designed to park an RV on your property? An RV pad must be sturdy enough to handle the vehicle’s weight without cracking. A licensed contractor will assist you in picking the appropriate PSI, pounds per square inch, for the best durability. The contractor builds the walkway for lighter traffic. Concrete can withstand up to 4,000 PSI, while pavers can handle 8,000 PSI.

You’ll have completely different considerations if it’s time for a new pool deck. Safety is one of the most critical aspects of the deck surrounding your pool. A non-skid surface is the best option for your family’s or guests’ welfare. Both concrete and pavers are available with slip-resistant finishes. Running is still a no-no on any pool deck for liability’s sake. Ask your contractor to recommend the best options to suit your style.

Aesthetics Of Concrete Vs. Pavers

Pavers are more aesthetically pleasing than their concrete counterparts. Stains are difficult to remove from concrete; in a worst-case scenario, you can replace a paver. Heavy freeze-thaw conditions are demanding on all surfaces and can leave blemishes occurring from the overall appearance. Concrete breaks and cracks more quickly with time than their paver counterparts.

Curb Appeal Of Different Materials

Pavers come in shapes, sizes, and colors to match any design style. You can incorporate smaller paver pieces into places where concrete may be less feasible. Pavers are more appealing and less dated than concrete. Their high PSI, pounds per square inch, rating makes them more durable and adds to the property’s value. Pavers come in a wider variety of choices, making it easy to incorporate them into an existing entertainment area.

Paver And Concrete Cost Considerations

Pavers and concrete slabs are both excellent options for walkways and decks. The installation of pouring concrete is cheaper than having pavers installed. However, although pavers are more expensive up front, they offer a higher value in the long run. Pavers are more durable than concrete and have a higher PSI rating. In addition, repairs are more cost-efficient with pavers than stamped concrete or poured concrete. Cutting out one paver is far simpler than replacing an area of damaged concrete.

Choosing the material for a job as expensive as a new deck or walkway is worthy of serious consideration. A licensed professional contractor specializing in hardscapes can help you make the best decision for your landscape and pocketbook. Call BMA Hardscapes to schedule a consultation on materials and styles and elevate your landscape to a whole new level.

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