In-ground Liner and Fiberglass Pools in Maryland

BMA Landscaping offers premium In-Ground Liner Pools and Fiberglass Pools for the families in Maryland and it’s surrounding areas.

We offer two types of budget friendly pool installation services. Call now or read more about our pool services in Maryland.

Pool Installation Services in Maryland

Benefits of Installing a Pool

Experience boundless joy and convenience with an INGROUND SWIMMING POOL in
your backyard. A pool does more than enhance your home’s aesthetics in Maryland; it serves as your private oasis for relaxation and fun.

With the unmatched benefits of both FIBERGLASS and VINYL LINER POOLS, such as easy maintenance, design flexibility, and durability, you’re investing in more than just a pool. You’re investing in a venue for physical activities, a place that increases your home’s value, and a gathering space for family and friends.

We are certified pool contractors in Maryland

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At BMA Landscaping, we’re passionate about turning your dream pool into reality. As one of the leading FIBERGLASS and VINYL LINER POOL COMPANIES and experienced POOL CONTRACTORS in Maryland, we are known for our expertise, commitment, and dedication to customer satisfaction.


As a premier FIBERGLASS and VINYL LINER POOL COMPANY in the area, our services are comprehensive and customer-focused. We walk you through each step of the process, providing a seamless POOL INSTALLATION experience.


As a premier FIBERGLASS and VINYL LINER POOL COMPANY in the area, our services are comprehensive and customer-focused. We walk you through each step of the process, providing a seamless POOL INSTALLATION experience.


This stage involves the precise and safe digging of the site for your new FIBERGLASS or VINYL LINER POOL.


We establish a solid foundation for your pool to ensure its stability and long-term durability.


Our skilled pool installers ensure meticulous and high-quality FIBERGLASS or VINYL LINER POOL INSTALLATION.


We handle the installation of the pump and filter system, including setting up the necessary plumbing lines for your pool’s heaters and lights.


Enhance your pool area’s aesthetics with our variety of decking materials, from concrete, pavers to custom materials.

Backyard Pool Installation in Maryland

Fiberglass Pool Installation

Fiberglass pools are gaining in popularity in Maryland, and it’s not hard to see why. Fiberglass is a durable material that is resistant to staining and fading and doesn’t require the same level of maintenance as other pool materials.

In addition, fiberglass pools are available in a wide range of pre-made shapes and sizes, so you’re sure to find one that fits your needs. Fiberglass pools also have several other advantages. They can be installed quickly and easily (around 4-5 weeks) and are less likely to develop leaks than different types of pools. A fiberglass pool is worth considering if you’re considering an inground pool. Call a specialist in the Maryland area today and make your backyard a place to enjoy for years to come.

BMA Landscaping is a certified fiberglass pool company in Maryland

Warranty: Fiberglass pools are backed by some of the best warranties in the pool industry.

key benefits of
fiberglass pools

key benefits of
fiberglass pools

Inground Pool Installation in Maryland

Vinyl Liner Pool Installation

Liner pools are an increasingly popular choice for inground pools among homeowners in Maryland and the surrounding areas. This is largely due to their numerous benefits, which include enhanced customizability and swift installation times. While they might be slightly more expensive than their fiberglass counterparts, liner pools are exceptionally adaptable. Their flexible design can be tailored to suit any size, shape, or depth, offering a truly personalized swimming experience.

Furthermore, homeowners have the advantage of selecting from a vast array of colors and patterns, enabling them to design a pool that perfectly encapsulates their aesthetic. The installation time for liner pools is typically shorter than other pool types, so homeowners can start enjoying their new pool sooner. All these factors combine to make liner pools an excellent blend of affordability, customization, and convenience, solidifying their position as an ideal choice for many homeowners.

key benefits of Inground vinyl
liner pools:

key benefits of Inground vinyl
liner pools:

Advantages and disadvantages
of both fiberglass pools and
vinyl liner pools:

Fiberglass Advantages:

1. Durability: Fiberglass pools are extremely durable and can last the lifetime of a home.

2. Low Maintenance: Fiberglass pools require minimal maintenance and are not susceptible to algae growth due to their smooth, non-porous surfaces.

3. Quick Installation: As they are pre-manufactured, fiberglass pools can be installed in a matter of days.

4. Salt-Water Compatible: Fiberglass is exceptional for salt water systems as there is no corrosion.

5. Smooth Surface: The surface of a fiberglass pool is smooth, reducing the likelihood of scraping or scratching.


1. Limited Customization: Fiberglass pools come in pre-manufactured shapes and sizes, so the customization options can be limited compared to other pool types.

2. Repairs: If a fiberglass pool gets damaged, it can be difficult and expensive to repair. However, this does not tend to happen frequently as the material it is constructed from is very durable.

Vinyl Liner Pools

Vinyl Liner Pool Advantages:

1. Customization: Vinyl liner pools offer a high degree of customization. You can choose from a variety of shapes, sizes, and liner designs.

2. Soft Surface: Vinyl liners are soft to the touch, providing a comfortable swimming experience.

3. Salt-Water Compatible: Vinyl liner pools work well with salt water systems, particularly if using a polymer wall system.

Vinyl Liner Pool Disadvantages:

1. Liner Replacement: The liner in a vinyl liner pool must be replaced every 7 to 10 years, adding to the maintenance cost.

2. Vulnerability to Damage: Vinyl liners can be punctured or torn by sharp objects or pets, leading to leaks.

3. Maintenance: While not as intensive as concrete pools, vinyl liner pools still require regular cleaning to prevent algae growth and to keep the liner looking vibrant.

Each type of pool has its own set of pros and cons, so it ultimately comes down to the homeowners' specific needs, budget, and preference.


Finally, step into the world of endless fun and relaxation with your newly installed pool.

At BMA Landscaping, we ensure that the POOL INSTALLATION process is both a satisfying and enjoyable journey for you. From the moment you decide to install a FIBERGLASS or VINYL LINER POOL to the moment you dive into the cool, refreshing water, our team is there to ensure everything runs smoothly and efficiently.

Our promise goes beyond just a pool. We promise an investment that will offer you a lifetime of memories and an outdoor space you can take pride in. Embrace the summer season with your FIBERGLASS or VINYL LINER POOL, created by one of the leading SWIMMING POOL CONTRACTORS in MARYLAND. We are ready to help you make a splash this summer!

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