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Sea Turtle

Sea Turtle is a compact yet versatile pool, perfect for smaller outdoor spaces. Its medium depth throughout allows for easy standing and socializing, as well as fun water activities. Wraparound benches flank the entry steps, creating a cozy conversation area that can be outfitted with therapy jets for added relaxation. The non-skid surface ensures safety, and it is ready for auto-cover installation. Sea Turtle transforms your backyard into an intimate and enjoyable oasis

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Available Colors

Caribbean Sparkle





Arctic Shimmer

Pool Specifications

Sea Turtle | BMA Landscaping Services

9.5' x 19.5' 4'6"

Discover the Fun and Versatility of Sea Turtle

Sea Turtle | BMA Landscaping Services
Medium-Depth Design
Perfect for Socializing and Games: Sea Turtle’s consistent medium depth makes it ideal for standing, chatting, and playing water games, suitable for all ages.
Relax and Converse Comfortably: The wraparound benches create a cozy conversation area, perfect for relaxation and socializing with friends and family.
Easy and Safe Access: The walk-in steps ensure easy and safe access to the pool, enhancing the overall experience for swimmers of all ages.
Non-Slip Safety Features: The non-skid surface throughout Sea Turtle ensures a safe environment for all users, minimizing the risk of slips and falls.
Effortless Maintenance with Auto-Cover: Sea Turtle is designed to accommodate auto-cover installation, making maintenance easy and enhancing safety when the pool is not in use.

Available Pool Add-ons

Sea Turtle | BMA Landscaping Services

Wet Deck

Just want to get your feet wet? Or maybe you just want to sit in a shallow spot, catch some rays and keep your cool. The Wet Deck is a marvelous addition to any pool, with custom spillway options to tie it all together in your own private backyard paradise.
Sea Turtle | BMA Landscaping Services

Wading Pool

This is the ultimate playground for the kids. The uniform depth throughout allows for easy play, without the hazard of wandering toward a deep end. And the bench is the perfect spot for big kids to sit, relax, and watch over the youngsters.
Sea Turtle | BMA Landscaping Services


The word you’re looking for is “bliss.” If you’re after the ultimate in relaxation and luxury, adding a Spa to your pool area will result in over-the-top contentment. The tension of the day will simply melt away. Enjoy the Spa with the whole family, or keep it all to yourself!
Sea Turtle | BMA Landscaping Services

The Grand Spa

Escape the commonplace with The Grand Spa from Thursday Pools. You’ll love the look and feel of this luxurious, resort-like spa when it’s conveniently located in your own backyard. Take the plunge: You deserve a staycation every day.

Optional Innovations

Sea Turtle | BMA Landscaping Services

Lucky 7 Skimmer®

The Lucky 7 Skimmer is the first skimmer in the fiberglass industry specifically designed for fiberglass pools. Manufactured with a 7-degree angle and mounting plate,…
Sea Turtle | BMA Landscaping Services

Geo-Anchor Pool Wall® For Fiberglass Pools

While some may classify our Geo-Anchor Pool Wall® as a fiberglass pool accessory, it’s far more than that, and it’s only available from Thursday Pools!…

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Sea Turtle | BMA Landscaping Services

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