Perfect for Little Ones and Pets

Wading Pool

The Wading Pool is designed to provide a safe and enjoyable water experience for toddlers, pets, and anyone looking to cool off. Its uniform depth of 18 inches makes it perfect for small children and pets to get used to the water. The wrap-around bench offers a comfortable spot for adults to supervise and relax. The non-skid surface ensures safety, and it is ready for auto-cover installation. The Wading Pool transforms your backyard into a fun and safe play area for the whole family.

Available Colors

Caribbean Sparkle





Arctic Shimmer

Pool Specifications

Wading Pool | BMA Landscaping Services

9' x 9' 1'6"

Wading Pool | BMA Landscaping Services

13'9" x 11'9" 1'6"

Discover the Fun and Safety of the Wading Pool

Wading Pool | BMA Landscaping Services
Uniform Depth
Perfect for Kids and Pets: The 18-inch uniform depth throughout the Wading Pool makes it an ideal place for toddlers and pets to enjoy the water safely.
Comfortable Supervision: The wrap-around bench provides a comfortable seating area for adults to supervise children and pets while enjoying the water.
Enhanced Safety: The non-skid surface ensures a safe environment for all users, minimizing the risk of slips and falls.
Effortless Maintenance with Auto-Cover: The Wading Pool is designed to accommodate auto-cover installation, ensuring easy maintenance and enhanced safety when not in use.

Available Pool Add-ons

Wading Pool | BMA Landscaping Services

Wet Deck

Wading Pool | BMA Landscaping Services

Square Spa

Wading Pool | BMA Landscaping Services

Grand Spa

BMA Landscaping Services

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