Pool Deck – Natural Stone vs. Pavers

Pool Deck - Natural Stone vs. Pavers

Are you finding it difficult to decide between natural stone vs. pavers for your new pool deck material? Both deck styles are excellent choices, and each has a different look. A new pool installation or remodeling of an existing pool will increase your home’s value. You need to give all components of this poolscape significant consideration. Different types of pools are as numerous as the pool deck materials available, and they all have pros and cons.

Concrete Pavers For Pool Decks

Your pool deck will be a gathering place for family and friends during your warm weather months. You must choose a deck material that best suits your needs and budget. Pavers are a popular choice for many reasons. Paver manufacturers can mix concrete in a variety of colors. Choosing a wild, vibrant color may not be in your best interest for resale purposes. When you select neutral pavers, you can add color with accent pillows or shade umbrellas.

Installing pavers is less time-consuming due to the uniformity of the deck material. The material is also less expensive and relatively easy to install, saving homeowners money. Highly resistant, properly installed, and well-maintained pavers will last for decades. Keep in mind the enormity of the project, and your time constraints with other obligations, before going the DIY route. You don’t want to stare out at the backyard all summer, knowing you have to finish the pool deck.

Natural Stone Pool Deck Materials

There is a large assortment of natural stone pool deck materials. The finishes, color schemes, natural water absorbency, and price tags set them apart. Supply and demand will also dictate delivery schedules and the costs of materials. Natural stone must be treated regularly with an appropriate sealer to combat pool chemicals, weather fluctuations, and wear and tear.

Travertine For Your Pool Deck

Travertine is a trendy pool deck material for luxury poolscapes. It’s known for its beauty and durability, making it a favorite among builders and homeowners. Travertine is naturally porous, lending itself to remain cool on your feet. It absorbs water quickly, making it nearly slip-free. It also handles freeze-thaw temperatures well. You’ll find light brown, brown, ivory, and gold travertine.

Sandstone Deck Materials

Sandstone is a sedimentary stone composed of grains of rock, mineral, or organic material. The organically non-slip surface makes it an excellent choice for a pool deck. You’ll find sandstone colors ranging from beige to brown and blue-grey.

Granite Options

Granite is one of the most heavy-duty, coarse-grained igneous rocks out there. It has a high content of feldspar and quartz, which gives it a speckled appearance. Granite’s extraordinary varieties come in many colors, with veins running through the slabs. Again, you may want to avoid wildly colorful patterns for resale sake. Granite is often seen polished, but the contractor can hone it to reduce the slippery factor. Either way, it will need to be sealed to maintain its beauty.


Limestone has a luxurious and aesthetically pleasing feel, making it an excellent pool deck choice. Limestone pool decks have become more prevalent in colder climates because they can withstand freeze-thaw conditions.

Finding the pool deck material that fits the pool design and your style can be overwhelming. Call BMA Hardscapes to get your product questions answered so you will have a pool deck you’ll be proud of. BMA can handle any necessary demo work and installation of your new pool and deck. Call BMA now for more information!

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